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We know you’re here to take a break from the stress and strain of normal life, so we don’t want you to have to worry about the planet whilst your here.  We are happy to do that for you!

We have provided you with the beautiful sustainable, non toxic, refillable Bramley bathroom products, made in Somerset and on sale in Reception should you fall in love with them the way we have.

We have also provided each bathroom with a reusable ‘ERASE YOUR FACE’ cloth … simply add water and wipe away your make up. No more throw away wipes, or make up remover required!  And our towels will have a longer life too. Also available in reception for £5 each.

Please feel free to throw all your rubbish and recycling in one bin.  We take recycling very seriously here at Beaches and take great care to separate out everything that can be recycled, or composted and minimise our waste to landfill.

We are working towards a zero waste kitchen and have designed our menu to enable us to achieve this.  Feel free to eat your garnish too, it’s fresh and one of your five a day! All coffee grinds and tea bags are collected and go into compost too.

There is a water Station in the hallway to encourage the use of reusable water bottles and to help eliminate single use plastic and only sell glass bottled soft drinks and recycle all of these responsibly.

All our old towels and sheets are passed on to our local veterinary surgery where they are very much appreciated and needed.

We are a very well insulated building and run an extremely efficient heating and hot water system, with every radiator having an adjustable control.

We are 95% complete on converting all our lighting to LED and long lasting bulbs.

We welcome and cater for vegetarian and vegan needs both at Breakfast and with our in-room refreshments. Please ask if you would like more info

We use environmental friendly cleaning products and reusable eco cloths.

We air dry our towels and bath mats, just lightly tumbling to soften for your comfort.

However, If you do wish to help us in our efforts, why not turn the lights and TV off when not in use, hang up your towels and re use where possible, don’t run the tap when brushing your teeth, shut the windows to keep the heat in in the winter and finally, open the windows to naturally cool your room in the summer.